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The Wedding Process



We will arrange a time to get to know one another, and to talk about your wedding vision. We will also discuss your wants and don’t wants, the ceremony creation process and what working with me feels like. From there, we'll determine whether or not we’re the right fit for each other. If we are, then we'll work together to craft an entirely personalized ceremony, centered completely around your love story. I will send each of you a questionnaire in order to learn more about your relationship so that we can bring your love story to life.

Wedding Rehearsal

If you'd like for me to attend your wedding rehearsal, I will be more than happy to be there as long as it is within my means. During the rehearsal, we'll be able to go over the entire ceremony—from my speech to the exchange of the rings. This is so that by the time that the big moment is come around, we'll all be on the same page. Keep in mind, I will only be there to rehearse my role as the wedding officiant, not as the coordinator of the entire event.


*This service is completely optional and is complimentary in our " even BIGGER Day" package. Otherwise, fees may apply.

The Big Day

I will arrive at least 30 minutes early in order to make sure I am in the right place at the right time for your big day. When it's time to begin, I will begin delivering the ceremony just like we planned, with the emotion and passion that it deserves. You will deliver your special vows to one another, exchange rings, and you will then be married. And then... we party! (Prepare to receive dozens of compliments about how great your officiant was.)

After The Wedding

Once we've gotten the fun part out of the way, I'll handle the boring stuff so that you two can still keep having fun! During this time, I will sign the marriage license and submit it to the appropriate court for you via Fedex Express. That way, you two lovebirds can focus on each other!

Later, you will receive a text message kindly asking you to leave me a review. If you were happy with the service that I provided, a glowing review would do wonders for my business (and my self-confidence)! I'll even offer a free gift to make it worth the while.

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