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First off, congratulations on deciding to get married and officially embark on life's beautiful journey with your favorite person! Weddings by Tré has specialized in wedding officiating services in the greater Atlanta area since 2020.  Above all else, I firmly believe that there is no powerful force than that of love, which is why I offer affordable and non-traditional marriage officiating services to everyone! There are no requirements or rules, only what matters most to you two! Be it an elopement, LGBTQ wedding or a simple and clean vow renewal, we'll work together to create a ceremony that celebrates who you are and kicks off your wedding in the most memorable way possible! So, are you ready?


“Love is not weakness. It is strong. Only the sacrament of marriage can contain it.” 




No matter the size, location or theme of your wedding, I will meet your needs in order to make the most intimate moment of your lives an unforgettable one! So let’s celebrate that moment in a genuine way, with a beautiful and memorable ceremony that is special and meaningful to you!


Simple "I Do"


I will travel to your preferred location and we'll perform a simple and clean wedding ceremony! It will just be me, you two, and a few of your closest loved ones!*

Afterward, I will happily sign the marriage license and then take care of filing it with the appropriate court to make it official. Short, sweet and to the point!

*Mileage fees may apply.

My Four Pillars

When you reserve with Weddings with Tré, you are building a relationship with a wedding officiant who is not only invested in helping you have a successful wedding, but also someone who is deeply rooted in principle. I subscribe to four main pillars that permeate all facets of my life, especially when it comes to facilitating weddings.

Integrity: Ever since I could barely tie my own shoes, my parents had always instilled in me to do the right thing by people, no matter what. With that said, I want you to feel comfortable knowing that you are doing business with someone who has your best interests at heart.

Honesty: Even if I tried to tell a lie, I would probably puke before it even comes out. I strongly believe in doing honest business, as well as admitting when something is out of my scope. If I cannot help you, I won't pretend that I can.

Inclusion:  I was lucky enough to come from a background that doesn't judge people for who they are, or how they choose to express themselves. Instead, I've always believed our eccentric quirks and differences make us all unique and wonderful, which is why I marry any and all couples!

Adaptability: We gladly accept and are open to all types of weddings, regardless of the size, location or any other factors. There's no wedding too big, too small, too fancy or too simple. The bottom line is, there is another human being that you are willing to walk the path of life with, and that is what's most important. Because of that, we are always willing organize our resources to adapt to your wedding style in order to make your dreams come true!

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